Tuesday, 17 April 2007

An article on Europe, by J. Stiglitz

I just got this article sent and find it iteresting...

Friday, 2 March 2007

The "2-year" story

Being in London for almost 2 months now, I got to meet quite some people. I am embarassed to say it, but almost all of them Greeks. Anyway, this is another point of discussion, which might be the reason for a new post in the future.

Most of the Greeks I've met are working in London already or, like me, looking for a job. It is interesting that most of them, if not all them, came to find a job here so that they can secure a better future back in Greece. The usual story, the one I am telling as well, is: I will work here for a couple of years, gain some professional experience, maybe save some money and then I will go back to Greece. Most of the people who will tell you this story have been in London for 5 years already or even more. They are telling this story since the first day they arrived here. What then makes them to stay here longer than 2 years? Why won't they return to Greece?

Thinking about it, because as I already said I am also one of those who tell this story, I realised that they are staying here for the same reasons they left Greece in the first place. We don't leave Greece to meet new cultures, very few come here for that. We don't leave Greece to gain professional experience. In fact, we don't leave Greece, Greece send us away!

People come here and stay,because here you feel valued, you feel that you can make a difference to other people lives, you know that your work will be appreciated and rewarded. Whereas in Greece.. well you know how things are in Greece. Thus (an academic touch), noone is going back to Greece in a couple of years. Why? Because things are going to be as you left them, or maybe even worse. Worse because when we left Greece we had heard about other countries whose citizens are respected by the state, but we hadn't seen it. Now we know they exist and were a part of those societies and the injustice of the Greek society will be more obvious, more irritating and harder to bear.

What am I saying then? That there is no point in going back to Greece? Professionaly probably there isn't. Things won't change for quite some time. We should then measure what is more important in our lives, what matters the most. All of us who say the "2-years" story want to go back to Greece, but not because we honestly believe that things are going to be different. "Nostos" is what we feel. We will go back, like Odysseas (or Ulysses) went back to Ithaca, for things that are priceless and only home can give it to you.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Job hunting

Hello to everyone!

It was about time to post something myself. I will agree with Philippos that Aris's (is that right?) post was intimidating and I was worried that I cannot match his piece. Finally, I accepted that I cannot write something of a similar level, so there is my post!

Most of you know that I have taken the brave or stupid decision, time will be my judge, to come to London looking for a job. Being here for a month, has taught me a great lesson already. You dont look for a job, you hunt it! Honestly it is an arena out there and the one who has the best weapons wins.

I am wondering now how good are my weapons and sometimes I feel that go out to fight, just with a sling-shot. I am throwing little stones, pebbles if you will, to giants like JPMorgan, HSBC, hoping i will hit them and they will notice me. I take courage by David's story however, you know against Goliath, I will knock those giants down!

The funny thing is that everyone says that they really appreciate your skills and that your CV is mpressive, but they wont proceed with your application. They are such bad liars!

Any of you who feels the same, dont worry you are not alone!

Monday, 5 February 2007


Ok, Aris' introduction was a bit confusing, maybe intimidating, certainly amusing (to me), but still... correct!

So let's go on. Last friday there was a a documentary festival here in Barcelona. As a true Greek I went together with other Greeks and saw only the Greek documentary participating. It was called Sugartown.
If you have a chance go see it! It is really funny, sad and interesting. I was surprised by the maturity of Russian women: they make an excellent analysis of Greek man in the end of the movie (nothing spicy, but still interesting).

Friday, 26 January 2007

extending the circuit

Considering the vast load of every aspect of information, we thought that it would be much more intrigguering to present publicly our views on issues that we think that affect us and that we should take a more active position. the initiators named the present blog "Braxykykloma" after the respective greek word which means short-circuit. However, we won t restrict its meaning strictly to its scientific and technical definition, this is just how we perceive human relations which are becoming shorter in the global level. In our effort to extendthe discussion on various matters we had to choose the right means to do that effectively. If only each participant could express its view spontaneously in his language but this may constraint the communication. Thus, we decided to introduce english as common language. Finally, we stronlgy believe and support that diffusion of knowledge may only inspiringly provoke creativity via free expression. We gladly give the floor to anyone who wants to contribute in the dialogue. It s the only means to reach the truth.

May "Braxykykloma" inspire us.